Grab Some Coffee…

Cause its gonna be a long one folks!!!

I have not blogged in a week and BOY do i have a lot to say. Let’s start with a brief outline of the topics I wish to discuss, so that you can decide if you’d like to settle in for a quick read of my novella, or if you’d rather move on to more interesting things with your day, such as scrubbing the grout in the bathtub with a toothbrush or loading the dishwasher for the 87th time in three days. You decide.

  • The Terra Quiz results show
  • Gettting Pierced
  • Marijuana Vending Machines
  • New Lipgloss
  • Revealing Revelations about myself

Titillating topics, no? So…if you’re in for the ride, come along. Let’s get started, shall we?

The Terra Quiz Results Show

I’ll just reveal my own answers, then tally up the points from those who played along.

1. Broken Bones –

  the correct answer is 2. But I re-broke one of them. So technically 3 bones. I broke my wrist bone in college when i was flung across the skating rink by the football team playing crack the whip. I broke my scapula (shoulder blade) in high school in a bus accident when a bus driver nailed our bus on our way back to school from softball practice. And last but not least, I broke my shoulder blade AGAIN, same one, in the year 2001 in an earthquake when the firesafe doors slammed shut on me huddled in the doorway at work, breaking off my acromion process. Hurt like a mo-fo. These are simply a random sampling of the many accidents that are my life. If its strange and completely random, chances are good that I have hurt myself in that way.

2. I had lived in 27 houses by the time I was 27. I rather enjoy my nomadic existence. That total is now up to 29 houses in 31 years.

3.  Ok so I can’t count. OR i chose to completely block Minnesota from my mind. I have lived in 6 states.  Virginia, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota (yuck), Washington, California, and now back to Illinois.

4.  My 5 majors in college: Biblical Studies (which I completed), Cross-Cultural Studies (which I also completed), Sports Medicine (of which I came painfully close to getting a minor in), Broadcast Journalism, and Communications. I really and truly wanted to be a journalist/tv broadcaster when I first embarked on my educational journey. I graduated with a degree in cross-cultural studies, became an office assistant/children’s pastor/lowincome housing developer/photographer and mom. Fun journey.

5. My favorite movie: i should have put a disclaimer on here that while Tommy Boy is in my top ten movies I laugh hysterically at, it is not my FAVORITE ever. I hope i am a little deeper than that. I was thinking most pointedly of The Shawshank Redemption, and my favorite quote from that movie "Hope is a good thing..maybe the best of things." A close second would be The Godfather 2. " i loved you fredo, but you broke my heart."

6. My song: "Closer to Fine", indigo girls. "I spent four years prostrate to the higher mind, got my paper, and I was free. and the less i seek my source for some definitive, closer I am to fine. Yeah."

7.  Hands Down. the answer was D. I guess I should clarify that I would prefer Billie Joe to be semi-lucid and not stoned while playing acoustic, but the black nail polish is a MUST.  Billie Joe, JT and the indigo girls unplugged. i think i would die of happiness on the spot.

8.  My starbucks order: Venti chai latte. Noelle was close, in that she always ORDERS me a caramal macchiato, but my choice is always the same, the chai.

9.  Ok it was pointed out to me that I should have clarified my last meal request to be from a certain restaurant. Pretty much if I am ever on death row, the guards are going to be driving around to a lot of different places. Yes, I could die happy with a mcD’s coke, frosty and fries from WEndy’s. But my ideal meal would also include garlic mashed potatoes, chicken parmigian, and salad from Buca’s, a good raw steak from Weber grill, and a seafood ceasar from Red Lobster.

10. Tattoo – my girls’ initials in some funky design on my inner wrist.

I must say that I am pleasantly surprised at how well most of you did. I guess maybe I am not as hard to figure out as I had thought. And on to the winner. i dont have the actual points in front of me – but Ben did actually end up edging out noelle and emily by a point or two. Since I do all our itunes downloading, he will just have to tell me which songs he wants. But thanks to everyone for playing along!

I’m gonna come back to getting pierced. It just might need its own post.

Marijuana vending machines.

I really think this is an excellent idea. I am not sure why. I just think – hey, why not get your favorite vice from a machine that may or may not eat your quarters. I don’t even know if there are different "flavors" of marijuana. But i just think its a unique marketing concept. Maybe next we can have one of those "claw" machines where the prizes are like, a bottle of corona, a pack of cigs, maybe a couple doobies…cause, you know, the challenge is half the fun. Just a thought.

New Lipgloss!!!

Like, TOTALLY dude!

yes, I do realize how petty it is to blog about lip gloss. And that it makes me seem completely uncredible in the sense of true journalism

Rimmel Sweet Jelly Sheer Lipgloss Sugar!

…but i am a lipgloss junky and when I find a good one, I wanna share it with everyone. So Emily whips out this tube of gloss the other nite at Bennigans and keeps applying it. And applying it. and applying it. I ask her if it tastes good and she shares that yes it does. So I run my little tush to Target yesterday and pick up my own tube. Sure enough – DELISH!!! Plus its uber shiney and glossy. Its perfect. Go pick some up for yourself. Except for the guys. Its definitely too glossy for guys. Stick with chapstick dudes.

Revealing Revelations.

this is a hard one. Maybe it goes along with my thoughts on piercing.

Emily and I went on Friday nite to get pierced. She got her nose done, I got a hoop in my ear cartilage. Nothing daring or over the top by any stretch of the imagination. And yet…

Piercing is cathartic.  Ben referred to it as self-inflicted pain. And yes it is. It is painful. not on par with unmedicated childbirth or breaking one’s acromion process off their collarbone, but painful nonetheless. it is an attempt to let out some of the pent up thoughts and frustrations and feelings that get trapped inside ones head. it is as if, by poking a hole somewhere in my body, I can be freed from some of my angst. As if by a tangible reminder of the pain on the outside, I can heal some pain from the inside. Or maybe i just want to feel tough. Or young. Or rebellious. Or maybe there just isn’t much to it at all than wanting another place to hang decorative jewelry on myself. I am not sure.

But I think i am getting closer to some definition of myself. Who I am, who i am meant to be, what i am trying to become. I am a busy person. I take joy and comfort in being busy = needed=valued. Do I need to look elsewhere for my sense of self-worth? I know it comes from God, from a relationship with Him. And yet, I think its more complex than that. Its finding a way to utilize all He has given to you, the gifts you are endowed with, and put them to use for the greatest possible good. Remember that Sunday School song about " Hide it under a bushel – NO!!! I’m gonna let it shine…". That’s what its about. Not hiding your gifts under the bushel of  self-consciousness, or busy-ness, or doing what other people think you should or should not be doing.

But obviously – i have a lot more to flesh out here.

So on to other shallower news.

I think I looked the flu bug in the eye and won this weekend. Felt like a P.O.S. all day Saturday, managed to feel good enough to teach Kidstown yesterday, and so far, feelin’ pretty good. We go back to the chiro office in a few hours, so I am sure all will be fine after that. Seriously, if you have never received chiropractic care (beyond just getting your neck cracked after an accident), you must look into it. It just makes sense. Your nerves are so vital to every aspect of your life. If they can’t properly send and receive signals from your brain to your spinal column because your neck and back are out of place and compressing their pathways, well, you got issues. I do’nt explain it very well, but check out our chiro’ s site linked above.  I think he has better info on there.

Anyways. I am rambling again. As usual.

Hope you all missed me. Cause I’m back in the saddle and got lots more to say. Stay tuned!


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  1. Ok, I have to say that I was mindlessly putting on my lipgloss, because I wasn’t getting a lot out of the tube, plus I have a habit of essentially chewing on things. It was like i was chewing on a straw, my fingers, a pacifier. I was just slathering it on.

    I do think that piercings can sometimes help you define yourself. I think you have to conciously think about your outsides matching your insides. Is this going to accurately reflect who you think you are? Are you ok stepping outside the normal box, into what you consider to be normal vs. grandma?

  2. I ate my cherry chapstick when I did the Chicago marathon in ’95. You get SoOOOOO hungry when you run that far. If I had my wallet I would have got a cab and a burrito at mile 19.

  3. I have actually never ordered a Starbucks for you when you were not in the car…. so trust me…. it IS what you order when you are with me 😛

  4. o.k. so i think emily’s comment is interesting because it happens to be the exact opposite of what my husband thinks and a topic that we happen to go round and round on. he says that people spend too much time worrying about their outside matching their inside. who cares? he says. why do people have to know what you are like, or why do we need approval? sometimes we even try to look like what we are not.

    i think that might be an introvert answer. as an extrovert, i want to connect with the world. so the more information i can give on the outside about myself, the more i can connect with someone. i also do it to sometimes to challenge the status quo. esp. in christian circles. because the problem becomes that people become satisfied just judging your outside. when in reality, that’s not what matters. i think giving info is fine and good. it’s being obsessed with appearances that gets dangerous, whether you’re the one appearing or judging. you know?

    and terra, i also looked the flu in the eye this week and won. yeah for us.

  5. clc- Interesting that you think that your husband’s answer is an introvert’s perspective.

    I don’t think the insides have to match the outsides, but sometimes I think it helps your own head to be consistant. I think I really meant more that for me, when I do something to my outward appearance, be it a piercing, hair color, whatever, it is a check time for me. Am I being true to myself? What is my motivation? Is this who I am? It is like I own my individuality, even if it is what is the norm for now. I am just sure of who I am and if it goes against the grain or with it, it is ok. As long as it is really me.

  6. emily-
    i hear what you’re saying. thanks for the thought-ful explanation. this whole topic can be so interesting because there are probably so many motivations for things that come into play. but i appreciate your thoughts on “checking in” for motivation and truth. interestingly enough, that’s exactly why i don’t get tattoos. i realize that my tastes change a lot and that i can get passionate about a lot of things so i probably would hate my tattoo three years from now. i think knowing and loving yourself is important.

    that said, anyone up for an eyebrow piercing?

    j/k. my kids would pull it out.

  7. hey! i want an eyebrow peircing. maybe when my last kid leaves for college.

    i want to be part of the cool conversation regarding motivations for body altering going on here in my comment section!!!