gettin hot in hurrr.

Except by “hot” I mean “freezing cold”.

And I get to spend the freezing cold day tomorrow schlepping back and forth to the city with hundreds of 6th graders. Should be a rockin good time! Highlights: my group is the wonder woman group, kealey is in my group, and we get to be at the Field Museum. Which I love. Fingers crossed that the other wonder womaners want to spend most of the day in the Worlds Fair exhibit cause that’s pretty much where i’m parking.

J/K. We have to go to predetermined exhibits. But we get like ten minutes of “open viewing time”.


And cold.

Anyways – things here are just cruisin right along.  Kendall’s had a really crazy week – nothing overly crazy, but just enough stuff to make me go crazy trying to stay one step ahead of her. Tentatively, I think I’m almost two steps ahead of her now, which I’ll take. We head back up to Milwaukee on Tuesday morning. i’m still trying to fight my PTSD over changing out her GJ tube (she crashed a couple days after her last GJ change, presumably mostly by me to be related to the change stirring up bacteria, blah blah blah). But I think we’re going to try to change it finally. She’s got a couple other appointments necessitating us to spend the night and head back in wednesday morning to get it all wrapped up. This should be even more fun than the field museum.

Ugh. This post is totes boring and i don’t even have any good pics to post with it. But anyways – i have to get in bed so I can wake up for my super fun morning heading to the field trip. Also – there is ACTUAL fun stuff happening this weekend so hopefully I get around to blogging about that. maybe i’ll try to liveblog the fun trip tomorrow….

See you on the line.


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