Friday Fabulousness.

Ok so it’s MUCH later than I had anticipated, but it’s here!

Linking up with the wonderful Jeanett’s Insta-Friday again – here is our week in review as captured through the lens of my phone:

life rearranged


Last weekend my wonderful husband put up a pergola on our back porch. something I have been asking for/hinting at/wanting for close to 7 years now! i am so excited to have some shade back in the back yard because now at least kendall can go sit back there and get SOME fresh air. And yes, he did all this mostly by himself, with his still recovering knee. Ben likes to live by the quote “Happy Wife, Happy Life”. Enough said.

Monday. sonic Happy Hour. Chocolate Cherry Dr. Pepper and a Cherry Limeade. That is all.

Tuesday. I got kicked out of the house to go get a mani/pedi by our wonderful nurse, E. A beautiful wonderful friend had given me a gift card back at Christmas for just such an indulgence, and i just never found the time till now to go use it. It was JUST what the doctor ordered. Thanks M and E!

Wednesday. Typical fashion at our house. Whatever your sister puts on you. She has a hard enough time walking barefoot. you should see the hot mess she is trying to walk in these clodhoppers. Lots of tears on this day, but she looked darn cute doing it.

Thursday. Apparently I forgot to make Kaylen a cake for her birthday. (July 12th for the record.) So we made one this day for her. And all sang happy birthday. And i only had one candle in the house. So we lit it and she blew it out. Whatever works.

Friday. Moving. Walking. Enjoying the sunset. Breathing deeply. Being.

I am so overwhelmed at how many of you are joining me on this month of moving/blogging. I should put a direct link to my email in posts more often cause i LOVED all the mail in my inbox today! and your notes of encouragement are just beyond awesome! thank you so much to everyone who took the time to write – and to all of you who are committing to at least TRYING it this month with me – you rock. I’ll have more to say about this at some point this weekend. For now, i gotta go lace up the walkin’ shoes and hit the ground run-….i mean walking.


Have a fabulous Friday evening! Enjoy the last blast of summer warmness!



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