Friday Fabulousness.

Ok so truth be told, I’m writing this on a Saturday, will backdate it to thursday so I can have a post on every day this week, and we will call it Friday’s post. Welcome to the ADD ways in which my mind works.

Friday wasn’t actually all that fabulous. I had a followup appointment with the neuropsychologist who has been working with Karissa all summer doing various testing to ensure that her decline in schoolworkIMG_3978 last year isn’t due to a “diagnosis” of some kind. What we got out of the appointment on Thursday night is that there probably IS an issue, but she needs a few more tests to further narrow it down. She likely has a form of Central Auditory Processing Disorder, which isn’t a shock, considering she had such a bad hearing loss the first couple years of her life. The part that DID shock me was that she tested on the IQ tests at a near 7th grade level (she’s in 3rd) in everything non-verbal, and fell to bottom of the “average” range for everything verbal. It was like looking at two different people taking the tests (as we went through the results). It all makes sense though for what we do see from her. We didn’t necessarily agree to this testing just to have some “thing” to attach her issues to, so whatever they end up calling it or whatever else comes out of it, at the end of the day, I know better how to relate to Karissa, and how to not get as frustrated with her that she can ace certain tests and fail miserably at others. A lot of good information came out of this testing, and maybe once we get further results from the ensuing testing, I’ll go into further detail about it.

But the part that kind of made Friday suck was that the doctor decided for some insane reason that in order to address karissa’s issues, she needed to know more about our family situation. And, well, you know this part in the movie Good Will Hunting???

Yeah it was like that. i apparently was too “controlled” in my delivery of a synopsis of our home life (mostly with regard to Kendall’s medical issues, but the fact that I am alone throughout most of the week and trying to keep everyone else in the right place at the right time/fed/sleeping/etc). Apparently “most moms” would be crying when talking about this stuff, and since I wasn’t, she decided that I must be holding too much in and needed a healthy way to get that out. So she kept repeating things I was saying until finally she did make me cry, just a teeny bit. And don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t trying to be completely mean. At the end of the day, I think she was right to see if  I could/would crack. But what sucked about it was that I felt like I work very very hard to build this happy little bubble around myself and my girls and our life, crazy as it is. And she came along and just popped it. If you don’t talk about things, then they aren’t real, right? so I don’t talk about it. I just survive it.

i’m not trying to get into some psychobabble argument about what i should or shouldn’t do, or this or that terminology to describe our family situation. At the end of the day, we’re all just doing the best we can. And that’s all that really matters.

but it put me in a bad/funky mood for most of Friday, made me pensive. I hate being pensive. It made me snappy and short with pretty much everyone around me, and that was not very fabulous.

so now i’m trying to make saturday fabulous and blow my happy little bubble back up so i can crawl back inside it.

The big girls are going TO a sleepover, and Kaylen is FINALLYYYYY having a “sleepover” with her best friend/sister from across the street, Lauren. In order for this to actually happen, they are all happily cleaning the cesspool of toy hell basement so that the sleepover festivities can occur in a semi-functional environment. That will be fabulous. We were able to go out as a whole family (this rarely happens) to On the Border for lunch – that was VERY fabulous. It’s a three day weekend – more fabulosity. So I guess I was wrong. It Is a pretty fabulous day – you just sometimes gotta look under a few rocks to find it.

Now I gotta go figure out what Saturday’s real post is going to be about. And start preparing my “Yay I made it to 350 facebook fans” vlog. But I need YOUR help to get there! Go over to the right, there’s a little box that will have a “Facebook Like” button – if you haven’t already liked it, you can click on it. If you have liked it already, it won’t be clickable! Easy Peasy! If you don’t see the box, then seriously, upgrade to a different browser than IE. I mean, you can click here hopefully…
Terra Talking – the facebook fan page

Alright. enough rambling for one backdated post…


Peace out dudes.



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  1. Got me all confuzzed with the friday backdate. Found it and thought wth!?
    I think you are very much like a lot of Mommas. Build the walls, get thru it and move on.
    Hope the sleepovers are a success!
    Heading back home now. Tigers-Sox game was good (for Tigs fans). HOT tho! 90 degrees and above most of the night. Ewwww on the swass-factor.
    Looking forward to a new post. Dang gurl, you been blogcrazed the week! Luv it!

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