Fill It Up Again

WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited – I hit the buy it now button for my indigo girls tickets this morning! My good friend Cheryl Lynn has agreed to go with me. I am so looking forward to a fun nite out together! For some reason this week, I have been tireder than usual. It could be this sucky weather we are getting – where we have these massive swings from 45 degrees above, no jackets, practically spring, to a near blizzard with 50 mph winds and wind chills of 30 below in a matter of 7 hours. I feel cabin fevery, not really wanting to take the girls out in this kind of weather, and yet – we’re all climbing the walls with craziness. How did the pioneers do it? I mean, honestly, its a wonder we’re all here at all, that they didn’t all just go batshit crazy and get all cannibalistic on each other and stuff.

Ok apparently I need coffee or cheetos or some combination thereof. I forgot to eat dinner last nite and breakfast this morning and now I am having massive sugar swings cause of it. And i need laundry detergent.



Thank God I have at least one willing happy model to practice on!

OK i am going to go try to go get myself out of this funk.

Like the headbands and tu-tu’s here ? I think I am gonna list a few on etsy. We’ll see how it goes.

"I’ve gotta tell you a secret –




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  1. How come you don’t have a link to 2sis, is it up yet? I’m super excited. Can’t tell you how much I love the light/color in your photos.

  2. bec – it stopped telling me i have comments so i’ll just comment back to you here.

    thanks for the compliments.

    i thought i DID have a link up. i need to.

    thanks for the reminder.

    hope you are feeling well. well, as good as can be excpectedd under the circumstances. praying for you!
    love you

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