Fauxtography friday – the flash!

If you’ve ever been around me while I am taking pictures – be it for a shoot, for a blog post, or for just everyday random stuff – you’ll know that i HATE the flash. I never use my onboard flash (the one that goes off automatically). I HATE how it looks! (and yes, that’s a totally personal issue that I clearly need counseling for.)

I have always hated that red-eye, closed-eye, half drunk look that you get from flashy pics. although i will say this – cameras have come a LONG way in the past couple years and are much better about not capturing people looking their best every time the flash goes off!

Still, it took me a few years to really learn the inner workings of my camera to get to the point where i can manually control the lighting enough to not have to use my flash. Sure there are times when you HAVE to, if you want anything more than just a viewfinder full of blackness.

but there are lots of times you CAN just turn it off – especially if you have a house with large windows that let in LOTS of beautiful natural light!

Kidstown 2009 Krew party 022

Kidstown 2009 Krew party 026


Kidstown 2009 Krew party 016

These aren’t the best examples above, but starting with the top picture of Kealey, the flash is on. The colors are just slightly flatter, there is a ridiculous shadow behind her, there’s just nothing really “oomphy” about the picture.

(Ooomphy is a technical photography term used to describe the overall brightness/contrast/attention grabbing-make-you-say-ooooo!!! part of a picture. Now you know.)

The second picture is in the exact same location/same time, except of Karissa, and without the flash. (It’s a subtle difference, I know. but trust me on this one!) – her skintones are a little more “real/natural”, the colors aren’t as flat, its just more true to life.

The third pic is one where it was PITCH BLACK in our kitchen, maybe 8 at nite. I used my off-camera flash (big one), but I bounced it off the ceiling to make it not so harsh. Still a little flat due to the unnatural lighting, but considering there were no other lights on in the kitchen at the time, it sure opens things up a bit!

your flash usually is indicated by a little “lightning bolt arrow” pointing down. find that button, and keep pressing it till it has a line through it – or says “flash off”. And then fire away! Take lots and lots of pics. Find which room in your house gets the best light, and at which time of day. And if you have unwilling childmodels – use dolls or stuffed animals!

Try it – and then come back here, or link me to YOUR blog – so i can see the results of what you got!

and keep the questions coming!

keep on shootin’.



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  1. oooh, i love this! I love pictures, photography, etc. etc.etc. and I HATE the flash. Bleh. If I had extra cash I’d buy a fancy pants flash, but until then I only snap where I have ample sunlight, when i remember. Your 3rd pic is seriously shot in the dark? That’s amazing! Thanks for sharing!!