Fall Back.

Such lovely words.

I absolutely ADORE the extra hour of craziness induced by hyperactivity sleep that it SHOULD produce. Except that I suck at math on a good day, and I can’t calculate cc’s to ounces per hour plus caloric deficit for Kendall, so her @$(%@ pump was going off an hour earlier than usual. Stupid. Anyways – someday I’ll figure it out.

Since I am writing this a day later – I’ll just sum up our Sunday : LOOOONNNNGGGGG.

We, for various reasons, didn’t go to church like we normally would on a Sunday morning, and this just added to the insane length of the day. But – we got bribed with some good donuts from daddy before he dropped the bad news on us – it was cleaning day. {insert eyerolls from the four of us who actually understood the implications of this}. So kealey starts to do her floppy crop on the floor (if you havent seen an 8 year old do this, you are missin’ out on a SPECIAL treat, let me tell ya.) (and I know that right now Ben is thinking to himself – “if you think its special in an 8 year old, you shoulda seen it in her mother when she was 18 and doing it at the mall.” Oh yes. the stories I could regale you with here on terra talking…)

I digress.

Anyways – kealey was whining on the floor and Ben goes into his office and comes out with this envelope and goes “oh looky what I found! a nice gift from kealey for father’s day!!! It’s COUPONS and I think I have one good for a whole basement cleaning!!! Sure enough! OH LOOK – it’s good through 2012!!!” And kealey’s whining is just getting louder and by this point I am cracking up because you can just HEAR kealey going – that is the LAST time I will EVER make coupons for a gift!!!!

So – the basement got cleaned. Well, at least its on its way to being cleanER than it has been in about two years. you can see the floor now. This is an improvement. A Major Improvement. I do not have before pictures because there is NO WAY i would ever have taken pics of the insanity that it was before. But after a few more hours down there, I will have after pics. Cause I know you’re all dying to see it.

After that I made my fashionista debut here in the ‘brook sporting my sweatpants, gym socks, semi-dressy sweater coat and high heels (because that was what was downstairs and ben was painting the hallway so i couldn’t get up the stairs) to go get lunch and cokes (NOT on sale) at walgreens. We were desperate obviously.

Anyways – it just seemed like the day DRAGGED on. and while that SHOULD have spurred me on towards some kind of productivity – it just had the opposite effect. It was a blah day and I feel like I am still recovering from the blahness of it. I DID however pledge all of the chairs and table. I know. It’s the little things in life. I honestly didn’t even know we OWNED a bottle of pledge, and I had to read the directions twice because, well, i’ve never actually pledged anything that you were SUPPOSED to pledge. I remember using it on the windows or the floor or something like that one time and my mom getting really mad about it and ever since then I just have this fear of yellow cans that make things slippery/waxy. I realize that this blog actually is probably good proof that I should seek professional help for my many mental issues…

So = in a way, I kind of WAS productive. I also played a little Wii with the girls, which we haven’t done in a while and which is one of those things that they just eat up and we should do WAY more often. and I don’t know why I am still boring myself with the details of a super long and super boring day….

Go look at some more cute pictures to entertain yourself!


Happy Boring Sunday to you all!



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  1. I had an incredibly boring Saturday that sounded very similar. I just don’t know what to do with myself when I don’t have things that MUST be done in the next hour. By the end, I resorted to staring into space/ watching How to Train Your Dragon/ letting a 6-year-old paint my toenails and half of my feet hot pink.

    How do you LIVE without using Pledge?!?! That’s actually one of my favorite chores. Talk about mental issues.

  2. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! The basement looks so much better. I will also need to remind Kealey that I have three coupons left.

  3. You guys also, pledges the toilet seat and we found this out at the party later when someone fell 9slipped off the toilet!! That was one incident… I think Kealey just take after you!! She learned it from you!!