Fabulous Friday.

As a kid in school, I always LOVED Fridays. Not sure why. It wasn’t like i had some uber active social life as a 4th grader in my school that had a total of 38 elementary students. My family didn’t go camping every weekend or have some awesome weekend ritual. Fridays just always held the possibility of something FUN. Something awesome. A break from the monotony of the week.

I find that I still have that same anticipation of Fridays. (and here I will tell you that I will spare you the banality of that ridiculous “Friday” song by the semi talented girl with an auto-tuner rebecca whateverhernameis.) But the basis of the song – that something FUN is going to happen on Friday – that I will have. I want to share it with you! Tell me what makes today a “fabulous” friday for you.

Today, I am celebrating the fabulousness of seeing Kendall playing without stopping to IMG_4299 double over in pain every few minutes from bladder spasms. (Our appointment in milwaukee yesterday with the urologist went well. I’ll update the details of that a little bit later. Both drainage tubes were removed and the surgical site “works” very well!)  She sat still long enough for me to put her hair into two little braids and they are adorable. This made Kaylen all of a sudden decide that SHE wanted cute hair too, and she also sat still long enough for me to braid her hair. (And if you’re wondering why this is fabulous enough to be blogged about, you have clearly not witnessed my children’s hot mess of hair in person. They hate having their hair done. You think you’re gonna get these four cute little girls to just line up and let you comb their hair in any fun way you feel like, and you get the total opposite of that.) Anyways….it’s the little things apparently.

I am celebrating how fabulous it is that it is still warm and summery outside. It is also fabulous that I can breathe much better this Friday than I could last Friday. Also that this is the first week in over a month that we have not been in the hospital!!! It is fabulous that I finally feel like I am getting some sense of schedule and order to our often chaotic lives. I still have a lot of stuff to catch up on/plan for/put into place – but I feel like it CAN happen.

It will BE fabulous if apple can frickin fix my stupid phone that decided to go all black and start vibrating this morning. Non-stop. You can hear it all over the house. I put it in a ziploc box and shoved it in a counter and still you can hear it. And yes i’ve tried hard rebooting it. It’s completely unresponsive. I’m gonna have to take it in to the apple store and hope that I get an actual “genius” and not just an employee.

Tonite we will be together as a family again. Maybe i’ll get some Mexican food or mongolian BBQ this weekend. Maybe I’ll get to hang out with some friends who i love and miss. The day is ripe with opportunity and I cannot wait to see how it unfolds!

Tell me what’s fabulous about your friday! If you found terra talking from my  post yesterday (“You will be Ok”), let me know you’re here! Look around and stay awhile! Like my facebook page to get better updates on the ever-changing craziness of our lives! (it’s over there in the sidebar——>>>>>) I was overwhelmed at how many people stopped by here yesterday to read that post. And by the comments left on my facebook wall, and in emails. If it touched you in some way, please let me know. It is so so so hard to pour out my heart and feelings like that in a post and then get no comments on it! It’s like giving a speech and having dead silence as you walk off the stage. There is no wrong thing to say. I just want to know if it connected with you in any way.

But if you don’t wanna comment on that post, then comment on this one instead – so we can all celebrate how fabulous this Friday is gonna be!

Thank you to everyone who makes my life so much better – by making me laugh, crying with me, sending me ridiculous texts – whatever you do. I love you! Have an AWESOME and FABULOUS Friday peeps!

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  1. I feel so much pressure in comments. I am a bad blog reader. I like getting comments too. I can barely have a conversation in real life without interjecting, but I can never come up with something to say in comments. Good emoting!
    Emily talked about…Offered and accepted

  2. Yay! I hope you all have a super fabulous weekend! Also, it appears that Hanne and Alex are in class with Kealey and Karissa, so if you ever need a hand with school stuff, just let me know. As far as our Friday goes, we have no plans. Unless refusing to go to the ice cream social at school is a plan.

    • how do our kids end up in the same classes??? so awesome! Thank you for the offer and i am SURE there will be times when I will take you up on that! I am LOL at the refusal to do the ice cream social. We tried it one year – it gave me a near-permanent tic from frustration at the complete lack of discipline among the crazy hellions running rampant through the gym….

  3. I’ve gone this entire summer (and pregnancy) without festival food! I think there is hope in the horizon of delicious greasy deep fried awfulness! THAT is what I am looking forward to this Fabulous Friday 😉 I hope you get nothing but fabulousness this weekend!

  4. As the mother to 3 girls – I can relate to the hair issues! I often look at the girls at my youngest daughter’s school and how cute their hair is (braids! piggy tails! straight & even parts!) and then look at my own wild hair child (who believes that running a brush quickly thru & calling it done is all one needs to start the day). Ah well – eventually she’ll turn into a teen (like her older sisters) and then spend more time fixing her hair than one would deem possible!

    • oh i’m so glad you feel my pain on this! the “brush and done” method is SOOOO how my older two operate!!! Drives me insane. but I know i’m just getting paid back for doing this same thing to MY mom. had to LOL at the “oh my gosh – that little girl has a real PART in her hair!” my children were born partless. In spite of my very best efforts…

  5. Your post is very well written! I’m not a mom yet, but I too remember feeling like firday was always a great day! Now that I am an educator, Fridays have that feeling, but because the kids are so excited, Fridays can be a hot mess just like your daughter’s hair! I commend you for trying to do their hair! I often do not understand how parents do it all ay in an day out! Someday I will find out!

    Visiting you from share day!

    • Thanks for stopping by Simone! I am amazed at teachers’ ability to handle kids at ALL on Fridays! So thank you and congratulations on surviving another one! Enjoy your weekend!