every time you see me

my hammer’s just so hyped.

I’m dope on the floor and i’m magic on the mic.

I have no idea why – but this song has been stuck in my head for the last like three days and its completely annoying.

So – you may wanna run to the bathroom, refill the coffee, do whatever you need to do cause this is going to be a long rambly post with little to no point, but probably a good amount of whining/complaining and reflecting on my part…which makes for a very verbose terra.

So – Father’s Day. What did you all do? We went to church, after i woke up to my WONDERFUL husband moving all the garage sale stuff up from the basement for me so that my mother and I would not be figuring out how the two of us would get these couches up the stairs on a hot thursday nite by ourselves…Church was good. I am truly in love with our church. It is so great to be in a place where you are challenged to grow on a spiritual level in a way that you aren’t having to totally STRIVE to apply to your life. The people there are just REAL. The pastor is REAL. The worship is REAL. And I love it all. I cannot wait to get more involved there and really dig deeper into my spiritual journey there. What am I doing to give back, that sort of thing. Anyways – after church Ben surprised all of us by taking us out to a nice meal at Red Robin. It was neat. With as tight as money has been lately, we haven’t been able to just eat out on a whim like we used to. Which is probably good health wise, but it puts a lot more pressure on me to be making a good meal every nite, which is not so fun and easy when you’re “out to here” pregnant and its 90-plus degrees every day and you have two picky kids who complain about every meal you make. All that whining to say – a good greasy mushroom burger from Red Robin was a great and very appreciated treat yesterday! Phew! When we got home, Ben started packing for this weeks trip to PGH (fedex headquarters) for training for his new job – the girls swam while I sat outside melting with them, spraying the dogs with my water cooler/mister thing. When it was time for him to leave for the airport, they came in and took a nap, which was just a nice break. I wish I could say i was able to scrap during that time, but I feel so distracted I can’t sit and concentrate on being creative. I think I am nesting. Anyways – I did get one of the three kitchen junk drawers cleaned out, which was a good accomplishment, and hope to get to my three remaining “junk spots” in the house this week. I cried when Ben left. I know that compared to so many wives, especially some of my friends who are military wives, that we really don’t have it that bad. But i just = we got to see him for a little less than 48 hours this weekend. I just do’nt feel strong enough this week. I am so worn down with pain and tiredness, I feel like I am always saying no to the girls (“no we can’t go to the park, no i don’t have money for the ice cream man, no you can’t go swimming at 7 am when you wake up….”). I just feel like, in general, a failure in most every part of life. I can’t explain why. Maybe just a touch of antepartum depression? But that’s not even it either. I do’nt know. i am sure it is hormonal in one way or another. But I just – i really really am going to miss him this week. Its like – I know I have to be strong for these 6 days. I know I can’t go into labor, cause he’s not here. I have to hold it together for a set amount of time and I just felt already depleted yesterday. Plus I am realizing how much I really do need him and rely on him for my strength each day. He is my rock, my best friend. And i don’t say that lightly. It has been a TOUGH year of learning and growing for both of us, but the results and fruits of that are really starting to show, and I just want more.

So after he left, we went grocery shopping. It was 95 degrees at 7 o clock pm last nite on our way to the store. Now for some of you in southern regions – that may be like – yeah, duh. But here, in the good ol’ chicagoland area – that is UNHEARD of – its still SPRING technically!!! We haven’t had a rainstorm in over a week – the pressure building is just craziness – my sinuses i thought were going to explode out of my head yesterday! They say tonite we’re supposed to get some good storms though – I certainly hope so. I am no lawn maintenance person like my husband. I have no idea how to set up the sprinklers with the right angles and water pressure to get the most out of our ever-growing water bill. I can remember to water my few porch plants and that’s about it!

So today we are going to go up to my parent’s house – just to break up the monotony of our weeks alone, a change of pace. We have to bring the puppies with us – which should be a fun adventure! They were wicked little monkeys last nite and would NOT come back inside at 11 when i tried to get them in to go to their crates for the nite!!! The picture of 9 month prego me trying to catch these slippery little puppies was, i am sure, quite hilarious – good thing it was dark. I just hope no one was in their backyards enjoying a nice bud lite, watching the show though!

I can’t remember right now what all else I had to complain about – so – i’ll stop here.

Let’s see if we can get a few photo’s to insert themselves here…just snapshots of our weekend.

ok nevermind -i forgot to convert these latest ones to websized! Will be back more with more pics though!

have a happy monday!

and remembber – you can’t touch this….

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  1. umm, Terra? Puppies??? I tracked down your pictures of your puppies. First of all… you DO realize you have two babies and another on the way, right? What on earth possessed you to get TWO puppies? Much less two BOXER puppies? Aren’t those the kind of dogs who pretty much take your commands ‘under consideration’ and then just do what ever the hell they want to anyway? Are you crazy, woman?

    (I bet they’re adorable!) 🙂

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