Don’t Worry

(everyone say it with me now…)


ok hopefully you all have that recockulous song stuck in your head now because it is stuck in mine. Which i did on purpose because prior to that, i had moon river stuck in my head. Which is completely random because i don’t even know all the words to moon river. But i digress…


Someday i will have enough space on my hard drive to empty out my fall pics so i can unload my christmas pics. I made the mistake of shooting them all in RAW (which is what I shoot when we are doing actual photo shoots for 2sis)…so each picture is like 10mb in size, and there are ….a lot. Basically I dont have 6 free gigs on the hard drive so they are precariously stuck on ye olde CF card for a while longer. Soon, i tell myself, very soon I will be able to have things flyin’ on a supershineysuperfasthellacool new 500g laptop with an 18″ screen. I just need to win the lottery first. But you know, we all have a dream. MLKjr didn’t have a corner on that market. Word up.

So…yeah – someday there will just be four backdated posts that you have to dig for to read all about the christmas happenings here in crazyland. Till then, you’re stuck with more mindless drivel about the day to day happenings. And yet, you find yourself inexplicably drawn to coming back for more. You are more than welcome to come experience the chaos in real life instead of just reading about it you know!

Take yesterday for instance…It started by me getting about….three hours of sleep combined the night before. Kendall’s reflux is i THINK getting worse, but it might just be one of those things where it gets worse for a short period right before it starts getting better. I don’t know. Babies confuse me. They need to have like a mood ring indicator on their stomachs or something – like, turn blue if you’re happy or black if there is a serious medical condition requiring immediate attention type of thing. that would be helpful. anyways – so she isn’t sleeping, and its not like she just wants to be awake, no, she’s pooping, puking, crying, hiccuping and in general just being miserable. Anyways. So i started out WEdnesday on not a real good note. Kaylen has been getting progressively worse with this cold/virus thing she’s had going on for a couple weeks now too, so I called in the morning to the ped and was like all

“look miss pediatric nurse lady, I got four kids. I do not consider it a fun outing to pack them all up and bring them in just to have you tell me its a cold/virus thing and to take her home and give her tylenol as needed. If you do’nt think i have a good chance of walking out of your office with REAL MEDICINE in hand, then do’nt tell me to come in.”

She told me to come in.

So we drop off karissa at preschool, drive through dunkin’ donuts so i could get some coffee (because i realized at that point blog3 that i hadn’t eaten all day), and go to the doctor’s. We get in, the doc listens to her chest and starts semi-panicking. They hook poor boo-boo up to the oxygen, start a nebulizer treatment and hook her up to the pulse/oximeter on her finger (all i could think of was on “Elf” where Buddy says “My finger has a heartbeat!” Kaylen was a little dazed and confused by the whole thing. I finally got the doctor to explain WHY she was worried – she thought it was pneumonia that was deep in her lungs. Turns out its NOT that – but i didn’t get any other official diagnosis. It’s some kind of infection somewhere in the system, but it’s not fully settled into her lungs yet. And it doesn’t appear to be in her ears. Either way, she’s on the nebulizer for three times a day and enough antibiotic to kill a horse for the next two weeks. Neat.

I know some of you deal with nebulizer treatments all the time with your little ones – HOW in the name of all that is holy do you get them to actually BREATHE IT IN?!?!? Today we sat there and i sang ridiculous songs like Itsy Bitsy Spider nonstop for ten minutes…but I can’t do that three times a day! I’ll run out of singing material! Tips/advice on that end are mucho appreciado!

So that was good times. I think if the doctor HAD sent us over to the hospital like she first mentioned, I would have just handed her the phone, told her to dial any of my contacts and if she needed me i would be the one curled up in the fetal position under the chairs sucking my thumb and rocking. WOULD. HAVE. LOST. IT.

But thank God it didn’t come to that. Kaylen is slowly responding to all the medication and the nebulizer thingys. still not 100%, but, much better than she was on Monday.

Other random things that made me happy when i was in the store a few days ago..


Can you believe it’s almost Valentine’s Day? I am in love with all thing Valentine in nature. Not so much the actual holiday itself – I mean, flowers and cards and all that happy horsecaca are great and all. but I am more infatuated with the color scheme and how these mass marketers can turn random mundane everyday objects into ABSOLUTE MUST HAVES by slapping a few cute hearts and valentiny-y motifs on it. Take for instance, the Valentine bath mats and plastic cups at Target that i drooled over today. I just go ga-ga for Valentine’s Day crap. No idea why. But there you have it. Feel free to run an intervention on me. I am sure I need it.

and one last picture – just cause it makes me happy.



i love colors. I love glitter. i love this colored glitter set from Martha Stewart Crafts. i have wanted it since the very first day i saw it in a store…but cannot bring myself to spend $25 on neat glitter. So instead i’ll just look at the picture and be happy. Cause really, it does make me happy. I love the happy colors just staring out at me with their cute names like – moondust, grass, lemon, zippy red….

Yes – i am losing my mind, thanks for asking.

Ok – randomness over for today. I think. too much other real life shizzay i have to deal with.

Love and hugs –



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