December Daily. #8.


Ugh. Such a failure on keeping up with this. Let me do the pics first, then i might be able to fill in some narrative!



Ok I can’t even begin to estimate the insane amount of time it took me to get those stupid frames on those pics and they still aren’t right!!!! GRRRRR….


It was a cold day. That’s why i made karissa wear this scarf. Which she still doesn’t understand why she has to. I swear to you that child has NO concept of cold/hot. none. Never has. And probably never will. But at least she wears the layers i make her wear!

We had a good day with the babies – therapy and errands. Nothing real Christmasy – except that we get to have daddy home all week, and so every nite we get to have a good family dinner together! Except Wednesday nite. Cause we went to hear a mito expert speak to our UMDF family group that nite! It was a little crazy between running around to therapies, school to pick up sissies, dance to drop them off, throwing nuggets and kaylen and making sure the babysitter could put the baby to bed…but we survived. And the meeting was FAN-TAS-TIC. (I have to do a separate post about that because, well, it’s a lot of info. Guaranteed to make your head spin!)

So anyhoo.

That was the 8th. just a good average every day crazy day in the middle of a cold december.


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