december already?

I am honestly having a hard time believing it is December!

I am, of course, trying to be better about December (blogging every day) than I was in November – kinda phhhhppped out there at the end! I may still go back and put random stuff on the empty days – kinda like an advent calendar – new surprises every day!!!

Speaking of Advent Calendars – I got ours out. I even managed to throw out the old candy that HAD been in there from three years ago last year! (What can I say, we’re semi-lacking in the whole “consistency” department around here some days.) BUT….I forgot to get new stuff to put in there. So we haven’t advented yet. It’s all good though. The girls are using it as a hiding place for other things that they steal from each other to torture each other with. Important things. Like old balloons. And random quarters and pieces of gum that are PRIZED POSSESSIONS. I should look into getting some appropriate things to put in there so i can stop the insanity with the balloons and other crappity junk that is causing the shrieking every morning.

In other news (this is so weird to be writing this kind of “into the future”) but Kendall is definitely fighting something. She slept for 19 hours on Wednesday and Thursday is shaping up to be more of the same. She seems ok for the few hours she is awake every day, and it’s nothing that I can even put my finger on, but something is up that is zapping her ability to stay awake and is just knocking her out. It makes me a little sad for her because right before she is going to go to bed again, she is usually just screaming with an inability to cope with life – her tummy is hard, something is bugging her. poor girl. hopefully these two days of pretty much just all sleep will help her reset and she’ll wake up all better tomorrow! (or thursday as the case may be!)

ok – good enough update for tomorrow. I need to post sometime back in november about traditions and what we do and get ideas from all of you.

peace out.


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