Coming Soon

As soon as I figure out what I am actually doing here…

Trying to decide if these things are “categories” or “pages”, and are they primary nav or secondary. Or right side header.

Family Blog – general memorial type drivel that I used to post about pre-kendall.

Kendall Medical Updates.

Domestic Diva – (please hear the sarcasm here!)

Fauxtography – Fauxtography Friday will soon return!!!

Crafty Crap – cause i know you all just can’t get enough of my attempts at making pretty stuff with glue guns and old family heirloom furniture.

Random Terraness. Cause I’m awesome like that.

I am also thinking about vlogging. But I need to know that most of you will actually watch it. And not make fun of my bad hair days.

ANNNNNDDDD then i actually have to get my butt in gear and figure out the html/css for all of this. cause my fancey new web page is very “un-do-it-yourself”.


ok so that’s all for now. and now i at least have it semi-organized in one spot!

peace to the peeps.