Cautiously optimistic?

Not sure if its too early to get excited yet – but Kendall seems to be handling her vaccine from Wednesday pretty darn well!

Typically after vaccines her gut shuts down, and she starts first dumping a lot of bile, then not tolerating as fast of a rate/flow, then not tolerating full strength formula, then not tolerating formula at all and just crumpling into a hot mess who doesn’t even want pedialyte going into her tube.

So far – none of that.

the ONLY weird things were that she lost head control for a few hours that evening after the vax on our way home, and her temp was 94-95 rectally for almost 2 days after that. The head control thing scared me, i gotta admit. You hear all these horror stories about babies who get one random vax and then two months later have full blown autism – or worse. And when I went to pick her up out of her carseat after we got to my mom’s from milwaukee, and her head was just floppy like a newborn again, and she couldn’t lift it up or control it real well at all till much later that nite, i kind of panicked. BUT – she did eventually get it back, even though it took right around 24 hours for her to be back to her usual baseline (still floppy and loosey-goosey – but at least having some control over her head and other body movements!)

I am very hopeful that she has made it through one vaccine! Not sure what this means for our big plan for getting her through a winter illness/infection-free, but at least for the short-term, we aren’t dealing with a miserable baby, so I thank God for that! she really and truly seems to be doing SO WELL since her last hospitalization! I personally chalk it up a.) to the massive amounts of prayers poured out for and over her at that time, and b.) to the fluid overload she got for those three days. Her gut got total rest, and she got pumped full of good fluids. While she has lost most of that “water weight”, i think the help it gave her little system is not being given proper consideration. I do plan to bring it up with GI/immuno/genetics as soon as we see them next, just to get a feel for what their professional insights on it are, and see if that helps direct them towards any more issues that we may be missing.

Her stamina and energy have continued to improve since that time, which was a huge concern of mine just prior to that. It seemed like she would never start putting pieces together on her own (from a developmental standpoint), because just making it through an hour of therapy was the MAX she could do, and even that was inconsistent. There was just no energy leftover for learning to DO anything on her own! She doesn’t have a TON of extra energy now still, but I do think she is getting onto more of a normal baby routine with her sleep. She still gets in two naps a day, sometimes three, for a total of about 6-7 hours of sleep in the day, and then 12 hours at nite. Some days a little more, rarely less than that though.

She’s working on it!

She is bound and determined to learn how to stand up soon! She wants to be up up UP! and looking around, seeing the chaos going on around her, keeping an eye on Kaylen for any wayward flying body parts or toys that may be coming her way, watching kealey and karissa dance/fight/whine at each other…it is so awesome to see!

I cannot believe she will be 11 months this week. Where has the time gone???

oh yeah. in doctors office, waiting rooms and hospitals.

But oh what a ride its been.

I need to do a post about her birthday celebration party!

Have a great day!




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