But wait – there’s more!!!

Not really. But sometimes it feels like that. Just when you think you’ve adjusted, there’s always more!

blog5 and by the way – is it just me or is today FREEZING?!?!?! I can hardly think straight i am so cold. I swear there were snowflakes mixed in with the rain this morning (and it was verified by other local facebooking friends so i know i wasn’t making it up!) And right now the girls are itching to go SWIMMING at their grandparents’ hotel – i think they’re CRAZY!

So….what else is going on today? Luckily not much. We have a dinner with some friends from church tonite (chili – yay!!! it might finally warm me up!), the aforementioned swimming with grandparents, and deciding which of the three colors Ben got this morning and painted huge swatches of our bedroom wall in do i want the whole room to be painted. it’s only taken five years to get to tHIs point of picking colors, what’s another five??? I kind of like the look of three randomly blue-ish grey squares on one wall. It’s abstract. It’s a fun splash of color! No committment! I hate making decisions. Unfortunately so does Ben. not that we both don’t make thousands of them every day – but sometimes you just want everything to be thought of FOR you. Like the color of your bedroom.

Ok so i am tired and am going to have to come back and edit this I am sure, but i had an idea. one that SEEMED great at the time, so i am going to write it all out anyways – and if its way lame, i’ll just come back and delete it! but i am going to have a giveaway IF I meet my goal for October blog visitors (this is just something stupid that i have set as a goal for myself after i happened to check my last few weeks average blog visitors). SO… what should we give away…itunes credit? lots of halloween candy? three free hours with kaylen the hurricane in your house??? i’ll think of the prize later. But here’s the contest.

Every day from now until the last day of October (I think that’s 8 posts…)I’ll leave a secret word somewhere in the post. You’ll know it. It will be somehow highlighted. All 8 words will form a phrase. On Nov. 1 you have to leave a comment with the whole phrase? (unless people would just be copying without doing the homework for themselves…) so maybe you have to email it to me, but then the whole point is to encourage you to LEAVE COMMENTS!!!! so i don’t know. clearly i’m still new at this. tell me what will be easiest.

So tehre’s like my half-thought-out blog contest. I PROMISE IT WILL BE FUN!!!!! Ok so now that Saturday is almost over i am feeling slightly human again and have finally realized that today is SATURDAY (I have had no idea what day i am on most of the day). Tomorrow I get to start the process all over again. My life is so much fun!!!

anyways – i’ll leave you with a pic of mypaintedpumpkins2 beautifully spray painted pumpkins from earlier in the week. I have to put jewels and silver accents on the black one still, but in my head the final vision looks perfectly Martha Stewartish. Go with me on this one, don’t burst my bubble. I’m still looking for more things to spray paint. Just cause its fun and slightly enlightening.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR NOVEMBER 14TH!!!!! We ARE having a big birthday bash for miss Kendall Quinn and want you ALL to come and be part of it – from wherever you are! I will get a more official invite type thing up this week sometime, but seriously, if you have been following the blog at all, praying for her, praying for us, supporting us in any way – we want you to be here to celebrate this awesome crazy year with us – it’s our way of saying


(ok i’ll give you a hint – THANKS is the first word in the contest! SEE? different color! ooooooooo……..)

And i’ll stop boring you all with drivel now. Hope your Saturdays are ever so much more interesting than mine has been.

see you on the flip side!


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