Busier than a…

Fill in the blank with your own favorite metaphor. My personal fave is “one-legged man in a butt-kickin’ contest”. But you know, to each their own.

That’s where I’ve been lately – in my own butt kickin’ contest.

Kidstown kickoff is this Sunday, MOPS kicks off next Friday. It would be neat if those were the only two main events in my life, but as of right now, they’re just the main two stressors. Topping and spawning the to-do lists that are now 15 pages long with sub-sets and cliffs notes to decipher what leads to what. This is crunch time baby!

In case you haven’t already heard my sob story – I also had a NASTY head-on collision with a speeding fire hydrant, who was unfortunately uninsured. And found not at fault. So, in spite of the fact that I tried to convince Ben it would cut down on air conditioning being that now fresh air could come right through the massive gash ripped into the passenger door, my next three paychecks will be devoted to paying off that little whoops. Darling. pictures will be forthcoming. Hopefully when I have an “after – all fixed and better” pic to accompany the horrifying mangled mass of fiberglass and metal and plastic that it was before.

And in one last teensy bit of added stress, tomorrow is Karissa’s “procedure”. Truthfully, I feel a great peace about it, even though when I think too hard on it it makes me just the tiniest bit nervous and scared for her. Ben’s work schedule/locations would just not allow him to be present for this test that apparently only gets performed on Tues and thurs. mornings at 10 am. So my daddy is coming. I think he’s probably the ONLY other person on the face of the earth who would keep Karissa calm in there. Due to the fact that I am pregnant and this is a nuclear radioactive dye they are injecting into my child, they aren’t real hip on me being in there with her, hence my dad being there. I am hoping that they will knock her out in a holding room of some kind where she can be with me until she goes out, and then my dad can take her in and be there in case she wakes up or anything. Ok I need to stop typing about it, its making my hands shake.

Please please pray for her though if you are reading this. I am asking my child to do something I myself would be scared TO DEATH to go through. 2 hours under sedation in a little MRI tube. Yeah no thanks. I’ll just deal with the UTI pain! The procedure starts at 10 am Central time, and will be done just before noon. I’ll update tomorrow nite how it went.  but your prayers would be very much appreciated. for her AND me. I am not sure who will need it more!

Augustwk1 (16 of 35)So that’s the depressing state of this blog tonite. Just worrying, waiting, stressing, planning, trying to just survive. Keep looking to that glorious date on the calendar, September 15th. on that date I will officially have only the birth of this unnamed child on the calendar as my last big “to-do” this year. I mean, sure, I’ll still have the usual meetings and activities and day-to-day stuff. But no more big PROJECTS or EVENTS that need my oversight or planning. It will be a glorious day indeed. Only thirteen more days.


Just breathe.

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