I knew this would happen though. My actual guess for her surgery time was 12:15, and now its looking like she is scheduled for 1:15. So i wasn’t too far off. And it allowed Ben and I to be able to run and fill up on Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds so it was a good thing. She is resting now. i really think she does know that something is up – everyone just is acting so differently around her, I think she gets that we’re all waiting for SOMETHING.

But we got our baby belly pictures and put her Jesus is watching over me pajamas on her (thanks Auntie Becca and Uncle Josh) and now we wait some more.

She is hyperkalemic right now (yes i just like to use big medical words). It means she has a lot of potassium in her blood which isn’t necessarily a good thing. We had to switch out IV’s. She got to go be the star of the nurse’s station for a while – so she loved that! I am personally starting the countdown to see if this IV can last till she makes it in – it has about three pounds of tape holding it in. we all want the surgery team to have to deal with her instead of poking her YET AGAIN today. She got 6 am blood draws in preparation for surgery – that was a hella fun time fo shizz. THREE PEOPLE to hold one 14 lb baby in place! Boy was she pissed!

I also have a slight fear at her anesthesia reaction today. so pray that I am able to communicate clearly with the anesthesiologist and that we don’t have to go to PICU for any extended time (which has been tossed out as a possibility.)

that is all i have for right now. I know some of you only check here, others check only facebook, so i am cross posting there.

Thanks for the continued prayers.



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