Bringin The Boom.

It has been a minute, hasn’t it?

Sorry for the recent absence. not really any excuses for it.

Days get long and cold and hard when it’s been winter for 6 months.

I hate posting when it’s only my own negative thoughts spewing out of my head. Ain’t nobody got time fa dat. Especially not me. Nothing was “wrong” – it was just a few long hard months of late winter, cold weather, dreary days, my own stupid eye pain/issues, Ben traveling M-F for seven straight weeks, to locations far away enough that it wasn’t easy planning the logistics of the multiple hospital stays Kendall managed to pull out this first few months of 2013, etc etc etc. Long nights of dance/dinner/homework, endless need for money (new shoes, field trips, bills, etc) and not enough to go around, the usual late winter viral illnesses that hit school-aged kiddos – it was all just making terra a dull girl. And no one wants to read dullery.

but the weather is turning. My attitude is (thankfully) turning. Health is turning back around. We’re all getting happy happy happy. (Duck Dynasty anyone? that show rocks!)

Spring came in with a roar, as our little suburban area outside of Chicago was flooded. We were very blessed to not lose power or have any basement flooding – we had many friends who had both. Every road out of our town was completely covered in water for a few hours the first morning, but slowly throughout that day the water started to dissipate. School was cancelled for two days because many routes for the buses were still underwater. As we would drive around (which was not easy because every single road had a detour at some point – it was like driving on a jigsaw puzzle to get from point A to point B), we would be like “WHOA! Look at THAT!” and “uhhhhh, that pond wasn’t there yesterday!” and “where did that road go???” I know flooding isn’t that novel of a concept – but considering it happened after just one night of bad storms, and we don’t live in a hurricane zone, it was shocking to see how much water was covering the earth. The downside is that the school year is extended by two days now – meaning they have to go back after Memorial Day. Grrrr.


The flood waters receded, the weather warmed up, Ben came home, and life is getting back to whatever semblance of normal we are settling for these days. Ben’s mom is still living with us. Nursing coverage has been pretty steady for a couple weeks now, Kendall’s health is as stable as it gets – now no one breathe!

As for how I’m doing, as so many of you ask me during these long absences from blogging – I’m doing ok. Actually scratch that. I’m doing good. i have a friend who is dragging me out for walks at least twice a week and she’s a slavedriver. I’m trying to drink more water and less Coke (not that i’m giving it up completely – but i’m drinking enough water to drown myself in, so there’s not a whole lot of thirst leftover for coke!) I’m making more meals at home (thanks to Donna for her help with that!), and attempting to make those meals a bit more healthy. Once school is out I am planning on making even more changes for our health and cutting out a lot of the processed foods that make up the bulk of the girls’ school lunches. If you know me in real life, I can picture you doubled over with laughter at that thought right now – but I’m really going to try!

Along with those efforts, I discovered a product designed to help detox your body through natural supplements, and I fell so in love with it that I signed up to sell it! You can check out my website for that here:

Have you Heard of That CRazY Wrap Thing?


I am really excited about this new venture. I know home sales stuff isn’t for everyone. And most people will automatically gloss over a product like our wraps. But for me, they are working to help me feel better about myself, which in turn is making me make better choices, which will lead to overall better health. I would LOVE to share more about my business with you! If you would be willing to host a party locally, that would rock. Want to order some from afar? i can walk you through that too (i already have for a few awesome friends!) Maybe you’re looking for an opportunity to make a few extra bucks each month too – I can tell you that of all the home sales companies i’ve ever looked into – this one by FAR has the most amazing compensation plan. I can go through all of those details with you too. I promise not to bombard all of you with this all of the time. If you’re intrigued – great – let me answer your questions. If you never want to hear another thing about it – that’s cool too! I’ll let you in on a little secret though. Someone who I live with who is a male let me wrap him last night. He lost 4 inches from around his waist this morning. FOUR INCHES people. I lost three last week (trust me it’s hard to see now, but soon it will add up!) This stuff is not just for women. It’s for ANYONE who has ever eaten poorly, smoked, drank, otherwise consumed or been exposed to toxins of any kind. I’ll probably do another more informative post on all the good stuff about this product because it is THAT awesome.


Other than that – let’s see….

our cat got stolen off our front porch by a police officer, who then turned him in to animal control and claimed that he was “the ringleader of a horde of cats who has been terrorizing his house for the past three years”. Interesting considering that uhhhh my cat was ON MY PORCH and that was the first time he’d been outside in six months. So….I’m contesting that ticket. $150 I owe the city to pick my cat back up because the cop stole him? Think again. So if anyone wants to come watch me pick a fight with the village, June 4th at 1:00 at the Village Hall. Should be a fun time. I’d love your support! Come out with signs saying “Free TeaBiscuit!” and “Stop Discriminating against Tabbies” and “STAY OFF PEOPLE’S FRONT PORCHES”, stuff like that.


Kendall’s IEP meeting was pretty good last week. She will be going to school 5 days a week next school year which should be…..interesting. Considering she barely has stamina for the 2 day program she’s currently in, I’m not overly optimistic that 5 days is going to go well. But we will never know until we let her try. I refuse to EVER be the one that holds her back. If her body can’t handle it – it will tell us. She can tell us. But i will never be the one who says – “I don’t think that’s a good idea” when it comes to things like this. Her right-sided weakness has been becoming more apparent to her physical therapist at school, and there is a possibility that Kendall will need to be re-fitted for her AFO braces (supporting her lower legs). But we are going to try some other exercises to strengthen her core first so that she isn’t relying so much on her legs and hips (like she does now) so it’s not such an obvious weakness. She is ALMOST caught up to 36 month developmental milestones, still missing a few of those though. I know those of you who see her at church or the store will be like “ what??? she hardly seems delayed to me!” And maybe you mean that in a nice way or maybe you really don’t understand the delays she has. That’s ok. We don’t see her as delayed.  I look only at my warrior child who has fought through HORRIBLE days and illnesses to be where she’s at today and am full of pride. She has made many awesome strides this year. I wish you all could see it like I do. How hard she fights. How much she pushes through. She’d amaze you, really. Anyways – she will go to school like a big girl next year. And we will see how much she can handle and adjust from there as necessary.


Speaking of big girls – Kealey will be going to junior high next year. How did THAT happen? I can’t even talk about it right now because I will have tears in my eyes and that will set off my devil eye issues and i don’t need that right now.

Plus – we have a whole summer stretching ahead of us. Full of more promises of fun days, warm weather, good memories. So that’s what i’ll focus on right now. Good times ahead.


sorry it’s been so long. I’m sure there’s gaping holes of things i’ve missed in the past few weeks. Ask me if you have questions on something I haven’t talked about.

Thanks for checking back in. I’ve missed you all. Glad most of you have found me on facebook via one of the two pages on the right up there. At least you know I’m mostly alive that way. Enjoy the random pictures. Just a selection of craziness over the past month. I’ll try to catch up pics better in the next post when i can make an album of randomness.

Hoping you all have a rockin’ weekend.

Peace out party people.



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