Black Friday Deals!

I am so tired I hope I can type coherently!

So my sister somehow managed to convince me that it was semi-sane to begin our black friday shopping at midnite Thursday nite. Full disclosure: we do typically start pretty early most other Black Fridays – like 3 am. For some reason, starting at midnite just seemed absolutely crazy to me! But since I ended up with some crazy migraine like headache for most of the day yesterday, going to bed at 6 pm so I could be up for our midnite madness actually sounded like a good idea.

So off we went! Toys R Us was a madhouse. We actually ended up “waiting” till 2 am to go, naively thinking that much of the mad rush would be gone by that point. Wrong. There was next to NOTHING left of the good doorbuster toys that enticed us, and we waited in line for an hour and a half! But it was fun to just hang out and talk. You know, while standing in line. Cause that’s what we do for fun at 2 am. I did manage to find a stranded camera that I had wanted to get for K2, which I purchased, and THEN realized was the wrong one after I got out to the car. So, lovely, a fun return trip. BUT – i got my free box of 64 Crayola’s darnit!!!

Next we drove out to Walmart – not the one we normally go to on BF. This one was OPEN!!!! We got to wait INSIDE! They had the main aisles all crammed with some of their doorbuster deals, shrinkwrapped with signs to “NOT OPEN UNTIL 5 AM”. Yeah right. The vultures were starting to bit by bit pick at the wrapping when we walked in the door at 3:30. We went to get in line for the super secret special gift for kealey that i am not going to type here in case her little eyes happen to see it, and on the way i managed to snag a gift for myself my mom, which was one of my big goals of getting there so score! After an hour and a half, we moved along our little civilized line, got our gifts, waited half an hour to check out back at the automotive counter, and were on our way! We grabbed breakfast and then attempted to go into Target but that place was a freaking MADHOUSE!!!

Noelle pooped out then, but I went to a few more stores to get Karissa’s super secret gift, a fun little something for myself, and then a few more fun things at the craft store. Got home to a still sleeping Kendall and Ben, and i was BUZZING on pure adrenaline I think at that point. But I made coffee anyways, which made the buzziness worse, and when Ben woke up we went to get a new thermometer/thermostat/whatever the heck they are at Lowe’s. (ben’s a huge black friday spender, what can I say?) This was actually probably the best gift of the day as it meant we could use our heat again!

have you ever seen that movie “Monster House” where the house is alive and starts attacking kids on Halloween? (It’s a semi-disturbing movie actually, scary as all get out for a 6 year old and a 4 year old, which is how old my kids were when my darling little brother took them to see it. “but it’s a cartoon!!!” he said. He ate paint chips as a kid, what can i say?) Anyways – that is how our house has felt for the past month. Ben went to check the thermostat one nite about four weeks ago and flung it off the wall. Apparently this did some damage to the poor little thing, because from that point on, whenever the heat needed to click on to maintain the temperature, it would never turn off. Maybe it had Kendall disease because her body does the same thing with it’s temperature except usually backwards! anyways – we have woken up many nites in the past few weeks drenched with sweat because the house was a balmy 86 degrees. It does wonders for the skin let me tell ya! So we finally had to just turn it off completely a week ago. I could run it a little bit during the day to keep it somewhat warm, but had to turn it off at nite and just hope it was warm enough to maintain a livable temp. And luckily, it’s been a pretty mild November thus far! So a thermostat on Black Friday was definitely a good thing!

So most of the big item shopping is out of the way now!

It was a fun morning and I absolutely LOVE the fun times spent laughing with my sister as has been our longstanding tradition! Already counting down to next year poopface! (that’s my nickname for her. isn’t it precious???)

Hope you all had a fun Black Friday! Now on to Cyber Monday!!! WOOOOOTTTT!!!!!


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  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only dork who went to Michael’s on Black Friday. :-p It was my last stop and I had the coupon for 25% off the whole order…PLUS candy melts were on sale. Those never go on sale.

    This was my first year to shop on black Friday. It was actually really fun!! In a sleep deprived kind of way.

  2. LOL.. it WAS a great black friday!! We had a lot of fun and luckily we walked away without bruised ankles this year from all the carts jabbing into them! It felt like a much more controlled chaos than years past!

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