Birthday Wishes

Just a new post for you to leave birthday wishes for Kendall here if you so wish!

Thanks for your prayers and for celebrating this awesome day with us, both near and far! We’ll have a piece of cake for our dear friends and family who cannot be here to consume one themselves, and of course redonkulous amounts of photo’s to be shared tomorrow!


Happy Kendall’s Birthday to you all!

kendall party invite



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  1. happy, happy birthday, sweetheart! We kept all of our yucky germs home and away from your cake, but know that we were thinking of you. You’re amazing. And so is your mom.

  2. It is amazing how in one year you have totally captured our hearts and prayers. Ho w every day of this year we have prayed for you and your growth anxious to see for ourselves how you were doing. Not that we haven’t been praying for your whole family alot this year. Just that you are one very special little girl! And we love you so much! May this year be calmer and a bit more normal(whatever that is.)

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