Best Laid Plans (and all that happy horsecaca)

Ok so my photo-a-day challenge isn’t working out so hot.

I think I am TAKING theDSC_0133a right photos, I am just horrible at actually unloading them to the laptop and uploading them here. Let’s see what I do have done though, shall we?  Here is K1 with some lights, a lighted wreath from Ikea. This was my first attempt at doing all my own post processing (no actions or presets)…tougher than it looks!

 DSC_0049 (One of them is the angry elf…can you tell which one??? Yes,this is cruel but i promis you , its also just toooooo precious when you see them in real life in their little elf outfits!!!) We have a slew of adorable pictures from this session. I haven’t had a chance to process these so this one is SOOC. (straight out of camera, ben, since I know you will puzzle over it for hours! love you honey!!!)

And now that I think about it…kaylen’s elf outfit is missing since you took it off of her that afternoon…




The lights in a jar… Another non-processed one. I think with a little boost to exposure and some curves processing the effect i was hoping for here will show through. eventually. i hope. I have no idea why she is n.e.k.k.i.d.  Some days i just get what I pay for with this one.





DSC_0009 There I am – in that bulb ornament! This was another experiment in manual which I have not had time to process properly.  I guess its a good thing we have been so busy with "real" work from clients but…

Hopefully I have time to get all my own christmas pics edited the same day!

My Favorite Recipe. Ok not my favoritest ever of all timeDSC_0169. But its a great recipe. Cherry Cookies. its one of the few things i can actually bake from scratch. Everything else comes from a box or a wrapped tube of dough. the girls were IN AWE that we could actually "make our own dough"!!! Kealey kept trying to get the dough out of the fridge when I said we were going to make cookies. They helped make this batch of them and were pretty proud of themselves. Dangit now I am hungry for them again..

Ok that’s all I have for today. I think I am only about 5 or 6 behind now! tomorrow’s photo should be fun – one of you or someone in your family holding a plain white sign with their feelings on it about the holidays.

How is shopping going? I think i am MOSTLY done, which shocks me. I usually am still frantically grabbing random crap off the shelves on the 23rd and begging for wrapping help from Benj on the 24th. I have a few more things to pick up, mostly stocking stuffers, and a few of the pre-requisite clothes gifts for the girls. And Ben’s presents…

and if you are still looking for that perfect gift for me – here is my kaboodle. (nevermind the name. it was a nite of absolute slap-happiness with wyowoman/Kdawg/googie and this is all i could come up with.) Not a comprehensive list by ANY means, but it should be a good start for all of you my faithful blog readers!!! If you also fall prey to the goodness of kaboodling, add me as a friend so I can see your wish lists!

(Ok i am totally kidding…)

I am in a weird crafty/funky/lazy mood today. Wishin i had a foam cone so I could make one of those uber cute button trees that are all the rage right now. I need to do some serious grocery shopping. we are almost out of coke. this is a near emergency in our house.



Raise your hand if you knew that McDonald’s now serves SWEET TEA in their drive thru??? i thought i had died and gone to diabetic heaven this morning when I went to order my oh-so-healthy breakfast of a bacon/egg/cheese biscuit with large coke when i see this glorious pronouncment of SWEET TEA for only ONE DOLLA!!! I must say, for mcD’s quality, it is pretty good. It will not replace my love of McD’s coke, but on a good two-fisted day, it will work out nicely. now if they could just keep that available through their next 44oz for 89 cents promotion, I will be a happy girl.

Ok I am going to go stare meaninglessly at the pantry for 20 minutes trying to decide what to do about dinner.

Ciao! and as Dora would say..

"We had such a great adventure! thanks for playing with us today!"

t-crest out.

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