{Be} Calm.

I’m trying to remain calm on this second day of 2012.  I’m not really THAT stressed (or whatever the opposite of calm is) – but we have a lot going on in the next couple of days.

For starters my heart crap is kicking back into gear again. I had a reprieve of almost 4 straight days with Be2blog very few “kicked in the sternum” episodes. Then they started back up this morning with a vengeance. Hoping that some good information comes out of this monitor wearing and that the doctor can at least help me learn to recover from the episodes a little quicker/better. So I’m trying to not despair that they have restarted, and instead have hope that they will go away again any minute now.

We also leave tomorrow morning for two days of appointments up in Milwaukee. Again, nothing huge. Just regular routine followups. But I’m hopeful that GI has some new ideas about how else we can keep Kendall’s tummy moving, preferably with a modicum of pain involved.  There are a few other body systems we will be discussing with complex care, so fingers crossed that everything stays mostly at its regular crazy baseline.

The girls start dance up again this week, Kaylen is supposed to start school on Wednesday (but we’ll be in milwaukee), and then we will be preparing for Karissa’s MRI on Monday morning. Ben is leaving for his trip tomorrow morning also. I need to pack everything required to keep KQ functioning for 24 hours, plus everyone’s clothes, plus meds/o2 tank for kaylen, don’t forget the new insurance cards and papers since everything needs to be updated now that its the new year. And while none of this is super stress worthy – i feel like I have the energy to maybe pour myself into the carseat and press the gas pedal. That is about it. The rest of it feels like a marathon at this moment. So i’m attempting to not get panicky about it.

It will all be done. It will all work out. the appointments will bring about the exact information and changes that we need to have happen, and we will all be safe and sound and ready to conquer our usual crazy schedules again starting next week.

All the other stuff I WANT to get done – it will get done.

Because what really matters right now is that we are doing good. We are home together. Kendall is healthy by her own standards. The rest of us are mostly healthy. The heater works again in our house. The rest is just icing.

As always – so much more to say – not enough time to say it in.

thanks for checking in on us!


love and hugs~


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