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fudg-o-matic. enough already with the friggin contractions. i have no idea what they are, and i have given up trying to figure it out. I am not too worried about anything happening – it would take a force of God for my water to spontaneously break (or so i have been told by my midwife!) – but still – its so annoying/painful/recockulous that they just keep coming this way. So hopefully i get a midwife appt scheduled soon and they can give me SOMETHING helpful besides just – “lay on your left side and drink lots of water”. Like a pill or something. I am all about taking pills. Pills make me feel happy. they make allllllll your annoying aches and pains go away if you take enough of them in the right combinations!

So we have another busy week!

Preschool Graduation is Thursday nite, Ben’s brother is in town, Preschool Picnic on Friday after midwife appointment, Softball Game for Ben, rearranging all our furniture to redo our downstairs with our newly acquired furniture from the In-Laws, cleaning out the baby nursery so i can see what clothes I have and what I need…. oh its giving me a contraction just to THINK about it all!!! But – it will all look SO GOOD when its done, so that’s motivational.

We had Karissa’s transition playgroup evaluation yesterday to see if the school district will pick up her therapy after she turns three and “graduates” from the state program. She definitely showed her true non-intelligible colors! NOBODY could understand her, not even me a few times! So we get referred to go back for more speech evaluations. And more hearing tests. More appointments that will take us all over the northern IL state area, the driving, the time, the schedule rearranging…..BUT – in the end it will all be worth it.

In other news – I got the job at the pregnancy center as their admin/bookkeeping help! That will be a very nice steady form of income, its extremely flexible and very part time – but every bit helps! Plus it is just nice to be validated in that way. i have missed having a job these past few months and am anxious to feel like a contributing member of society again!

So – i might go “reward” myself with some new tarts from Yankee Candle, maybe some new bath and body works spray….something little just cause its been such a TIGHT few months with no moola coming in! Then again – there’s nothing like a good $10 spree at the Dollar Store. you can get SO MUCH for tha $10!!!!

I have laundry up the yin yang to do, floors, kitchen, organizing and getting ready to rearrange the rooms, getting garage sale stuff organized…

 i need to make a cutesy list.

i need to get off my butt and just GO somewhere already!

If you haven’t already – go check out the Gina Miller Team blog – its my week to do the challenge!!! Come play along!

Here is how my page turned out for that:gmd-challenge-relationships.jpg

This photo editor on wordpress is being wonky lately.

and i got most of my sister’s maternity photo’s loaded up to a picasa website – Go check them out!!

Ok I think that’s enough rambling for today…

if you made it this far – leave a comment!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Can’t wait to see all you family and friends soon over the next couple of weeks! Let’s take Lots and Lots of Pictures!


Glamorous » Blog Archive » How awesome is this t-shirt?

 Seriously – if you were a child of the ’80’s you MUST check out the Tshirt linked on my bro’s blog. I was ROLLING with laughter. This spawned an entire IM conversation of JUST Karate Kid quotes that went on for a while and ended with me snissing. Wow – good times, good times.

I am hoping I have the picture thing figured out on here cause I took some pretty cute pics of my VERY pregnant sissy that I wanted to share…so here goes.

ok i swear to you these are sized for web….apparently its a large web!




the rest will be just links to view them – which hopefully works. otherwise i will be getting snarky comments from my know it all little brother about how to fix my web res.

today is friday – we have a lot to do this afternoon, but its been a kinda slow boring morning. I got about four hours of sleep last nite and i am DEAD tired. I am thirsty for some indefinable substance – wishing i could figure it out cause i really realy want to drink a lot of whatever it is. And no, its not water. trust me, that would make me puke right now. Oddly enough its not even coke…i am thinking its sweet tea but i hate having to prepare that myself. WHY can’t we just live by a Sonic?!?!?!!? for the love of pete…

oh yuck. the family size tube O cookie dough i bought yesterday tastes HORRIFIC raw. that’s the whole reason i buy it. to eat it raw. CRAPTAPULAR. guess i am now going to have to actually bake cookies with it and hope THEY do’nt taste like caca.

I can’t remember when my last midwife appointment was. I should probably look into making another one here right quick. Not like they do much at these in between appointments anyways. You get two minutes to have cold jelly slathered all over you, hear the heartbeat for like three seconds, ask any annoying questions you may have, and then you’re done. Can you tell i just LOVE dr/midwife appointments? SUCH a good use of my time and energy.

Two baby funnies real quick before i wrap this post up:

Kealey, watching an SUV commercial the other day – ” MOM!!!! Come quick! look at this car that goes through MUD ANNNNND WATER!!!! It’s a real car!!!”

apparently our Yukon Denali is NOT capable of those things. And woudl be the be all end all of excitement if it were. Hmph. Guess I’ll have to show her that i DO NOT drive a soccermommobile. mud and water….

who woulda thought?

Karissa – asking me to help her flip the straw up on her cup – “Mommy you open peeze.” No sis, you can do it, you just push this little thing like this! (the straw pops up) ” OHHHH!!!! Good job mommy!!!!” – like i had just figured out the key to world peace….

 the things that amaze kids are always cracking me up.

I love those two munchkins. Even if they do drive me batty most days.

Mother’s Day. This is my FIFTH one as a mom. Wow that blows my mind!!! i still feel like i am adjusting to the fact that now the cards are for ME, the lunch plans are for ME, its MY day. I still miss my mommy on this day, sure, which is why we begged her to come down for lunch, but its just- an adjustment. That now i am as much the mommy on mother’s day as she is. Such a huge role to fill. I wonder sometimes if I do a good job of it. I am sure I fall extremely short most of the time. But i have two beautiful little girls who will always forgive me, even if i do mess it up occasionally. I am so thankful to God for this chance to be called mommy. and to have such a great husband who makes sure that this day IS celebrated by all of us.

I woke up to my most favorite breakfast – well, of this pregnancy at least. A Large McDonald’s Coke and a Cinnamon Melt. roses on the table and a special plant of unknown origin in a beautiful painted pot from Kealey. And the only thing I really wanted – a card from my husband with real words written in it. It was perfect.

Now we are just relaxing before heading to our lunch with the family. I am excited for my sister- she will be a mommy soon. I bet sometime within the next three weeks we welcome Baby Aiden into the family. The firstborn Grandson on this side – oh what a little prince he will be!

Wow i am rambling today. Disjointed thoughts. I am excited to try this new restaurant – Domo 77. Its supposed to be like Sakura, THE BEST JAPANESE STEAKHOUSE outside of japan. Hopefully it lives up to my expectations. They are pretty high during pregnancy i must say. Had a plate of sushi last nite that SEEMED like a good idea at the time, ended up coming out rather quickly – NOT such a great idea in reality I guess.

The puppies are doing well. They started “training” with Ben last nite. Wallace thus far is doing pretty good, Quincy is typically female and just wants to continue doing things her own way. I am hopeful that by the end of the summer they are well on their way to being trained fully!

I am too ADD at the moment to sit and concentrate. I need serious help setting back up my preferences and my friends’ blog lists blah blah blah. gotta pretty this thing up a little bit.

Have a TON i want to do – now to just find the time and discipline to stick to that list.

Take Two

So here we are – a blank slate. I’d like to start off my brand new post with an ode to a great family show from the 90’s.

 ‘Show me that smile again – don’t waste another minute on your crying!

We’re nowhere near the end…beautifulgirls.jpg

the best is ready to begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 As long as we got each other – we got the world spinnin’ right in our hands

baby rain or shine.

ALL the time!

We got each other,

sharin’ the laughter and love………”

{cut to alan thicke hamming it up for the camera by himself}

Ok just had to get that out of my system.

The old blog is archived. For long and varied reasons I don’t need to rehash here – its just a fresh start!

Random thoughts today:

*boomerang channel plays WAYYYYYY too many “andre3000” songs in between old cartoons. They annoy me.

*the girls are totally currently into “sonic sunrises”. This is a concoction i became addicted to in Florida when we would go to Sonic every day. If you are lucky enough to actually LIVE by a sonic- i hope to the good lord above that you GO THERE EVERY DAY and take advantage of that greatness! I would KILL for a huge breakfast burrito right now, with a sonic sunrise. Anyhoo i digress. The sonic sunrise is now available (to a much lesser quality) to all of us who have a Dominick’s nearby, as they have begun selling Minute Maid “Cherry Limeade”. Simply mix half a glass of OJ (with your preferred pulp level) with half a glass of cherry limeade and voila – Sonic Sunrise. Sheer happiness. It makes your tongue do dances. I have no idea what the sugar content of this drink is, but i am guessing its somewhere near diabetic shock level based on the fact that my children literally cling to the walls after drinking this. Oh well. Sometimes you just gotta enjoy life a little right?

*The newsletter this month is going to be HUGE! I am so excited for this fun supersized issue! We are having technical difficulties right now, but hopefully the rough draft is done SOON and we can get it out on time!!! But – it IS going to be fun. I will try to link here when its done this time!

Ok i am going to wrap this one up. Gotta get dinner cookin. I mean ordered. called in to the garden where they grow olives.

Have a beautiful day!

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