How can it  be August already, honestly?

Well – as promised, here is the real update for today. Clearly I have spent more time making things look “cute” than writing, and so now I am blogged out and really, don’t even know where to begin. July was a good break. Kendall stayed about as healthy as i’ve ever seen her or could ever hope for. We had an awesome time last week in the Dells with Ben’s family, we came home with all four children, and I am even able to consider going back next year without a massive tic. So it was a successful vacation!

Only a couple more weeks till school starts. That is hard to believe.

I have about 89320 things on my to-do list for this week between work, medical appointments/scheduling, organizing and cleaning, and trying to prepare for our schedule to be turned on its head again.

But I am ready to get back on the blog train. Back to a lot of things. Got a lot of stuff to still flesh out – but don’t worry – it’s nothing too exciting or deep. I need to get some pics up, hey? Maybe if i can get a break from these gojillion skeeter bites that i am currently afflicted with i can find two seconds to press the shutter button on the camera every once in a while.

So – tell me whatcha think of the new digs around here – it took me ALL DAY to get most of this up! Leave me comments and make my day!


t-crest back.

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  1. Looks great!! I wish I was this talented!! I just use the basic Caring Bridge site… although I’m seriously considering creating a website dedicated just to K’s syndrome! Not sure yet though, it will need to be done very carefully and I want it to be good. Someday! But this looks really nice!

  2. well while you deal with a bunch of mosquito bites try having 4 spider bites in the same spot and i hope we can come out this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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