Attention Deficient.

So give me love.

seriously – i just need to check the formatting of a few new crazy things I am doing to the blog – so this is a place for those who really love me to help me test it out.

i promise we will return to your regularly scheduled program soon.colormyworld1

If you can see the little facebook “like” button – see if it will let you click on it if you have read this. If I get enough “likes” – i may try to do a real live vlog. where you get to see and hear the craziness in action.

Mostly I just need the ego boost from having a ton of comments.


(i’m only kidding. kind of…)

(the beautiful scrap page is courtesy of my beautifully wonderfully amazingly talented friend Kristen. Someday when i am an excellent blogger, i will link you directly to how to purchase this page to stick your own picture behind and pretend like you are a great crafty scrapper also.)

Also as another point of housekeeping (well, the kind you do on a blog) – I have three ad spots available starting April 1. If you would like to advertise your product/home biz/etsy shop on terra talking, email me :  – the three spots will be free for the first month – I just need your ad image and a link!

ok that is enough with the craziness for now.


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  1. ok can anyone else see this box to type comments in? this is where i am having issues!

  2. I’m commenting!! But, stupid Facebook won’t let me post as “Mama M”, only as my real name, so if I “like” anything it blows my anonymity and then I can’t be in the witness protection program anymore.

    Oh, and the box was here for me to comment in!

    • Thanks MamaM!!! sorry about the FB anonymity thing. wouldnt’ want you having to move to podunk nebraska or anything just cause you wanted to spread comment luv on my blog! 😉

  3. Um, i just read your last entry and wow… that’s totally how i feel too. it’s traumatic with your kid is so sick… and then you just don’t know how sick they are until strangers give you the “pity” eye or nurses tell you that they just don’t know how you do it… or good thing that she’s your only child because she requires so much care. I do the whole… not wanting to get out of bed thing, but knowing it needs to be done. I stay up late and wake up early and have just been so downright exhausted. Anyway… your website is kinda hard to figure out, but it seems cool.

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