Annnnnd more pictures….

  Since I know everyone just wants to see pictures anyways – here’s a few to keep you entertained!

some of them got put into this set even though they have already been previously posted – so enjoy two times!!!

Alright wisenheimers – here’s the fricking link since I have no idea what happened to the painstakingly produced slideshow that DOES actually contain more than one picture.

Kendall (& family) pics

let’s see how that floats your boat.

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  1. Not sure you needed to embed a flickr player for 1 pic. You always do things the hard way though.

  2. Congrats sweetie! You worked so hard and you made a beautiful baby. I am so relieved that she is home. She is just as gorgeous as the rest of the girls. Congrats again. Oh my she is just precious!!!

  3. You got one of her smiling! that is my fave!! and squealing – You have four daughters!!!!

    and either your flickr slideshow fixed itself, or… your weisenheimers need to learn to push play. ( the little one in the lower left corner, besides the big play that’s front-n-center. lol)

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