An update…of sorts

This may be a nice long one, or it could turn into something short and sweet – as if that EVER happens here on terra talking…

Kendall seems to have definitely turned the corner from the pneumonia – which is truly amazing and SUCH a relief! To kick it out with a bang, she ended up vomiting all nite long Saturday nite, and i mean a TON. Which is always just the slightest bit disturbing when she technically shouldn’t be able to puke, but, whatever. She was still a little pale and retchy all day Sunday, and by yesterday seemed to have evened out pretty nicely. Of course with all the vomit, her body temp was plummeted back down to 93.4 and it took me FOR.EV.ER. to get it back up to 96. (Is it a little sad that i was excited about getting her back UP to 96??? And that that took 12 hours and 3 layers and lots of warm water??? I hate it.)

As for me, breathing was VASTLY improved on Saturday and most of Sunday, but had definitely come back down to “work of breathing” level by yesterday afternoon. I was a little emotional about it simply because a.) I am on horse doses of other steroids currently, and those are NEVER good for one’s emotional stability, and b.) I felt like i would never get back to that good breathing I had had on the super-duper steroid. It was just not a good day. And by last nite i started just feeling super nauseated, which at first I attributed to the steroids again, but then when Ben woke up puking at 2 in the morning, i just knew it was something else.

UGH!!! So now we have both spent the morning puking and not keeping anything down and he is driving to Champaign for work and I am home alone with four kids who i do NOT want to get this illness and we have to drive up to milwaukee tomorrow for an appointment for Kendall with the GI and that means I have to find something to do with Kaylen, i am already dumping karissa off with a friend of hers from school whose parents i have never met but that is what happens when you get desperate. And overall, see i am just not in a good headspace because of these STUPID STEROIDS!!!!

Sorry – was that like the whiniest most run-on sentence you’ve ever read? I don’t mean this to be all doom and gloom, I really do try to stay positive, and see where God is taking us in times like this. But today there is just not any extra energy in me to do that.

So I ask for your prayers for us today. That whatever this stomach bug thing is, that it stays confined to me and Ben and that kendall DEFINITELY doesn’t get it. That I have the strength to continue planning for the rest of our week and the logistics involved in that. and that I get my semi-good attitude and breathing capabilities back VERY SOON!

I will quit while I am still semi-ahead here…

thanks for checking in on us!



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