always somethin’

I tell you – it is always somethin’ around here.

I will try to do a real update tomorrow, or very soon.

Between last week’s ER visit for the hives (me), Kendall’s random day of violent retching/body trying to digest her tube on Saturday, and another day in the ER for stupid abdominal pains of unknown etiology (me again), it has just been a week around here.

Besides realizing that I have a serious love of the narcotic medicine Dilaudid, nothing spectacular has come of any of our random medical issues. Luckily – everything else has been smooth sailing.

So after I try to sleep tonite (because the half a glass of hot chocolate i tried to consume two hours ago is still causing me enough pain to swear off hot chocolate for at least a year) – i will attempt to do a real update.

Thank you so much for all of you who are praying continually for us.

ONE of these days – i will have not updated simply because our life is so boring it would bore me to tears to write about it.


keep on keepin’ on.



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  1. Terra, Terra, Terra–what can I say–I want you and Kendall and all others in your family to be well and pain free!! I continue to pray for that and for your peace and sanity in the meantime!!!

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