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I am just in shock.blog1211

I mean honestly.

Who could be so CRUEL?  I used to have an evil Easter Bunny statue in my yard, but I took it down to use as a white elephant gift for our small group last December. i just never thought that my lack of religious yard ornaments could come to this.

Its just so shocking.blog2211

And heartbreaking.

I just do’nt know what I am going to do now. The yard ornament places are all closed for at least another two months. The poopie is going to start stacking up. Pretty soon we will have a poopie snowman in our front yard, just stacks of frozen poopie. Dumped there. 


A Jesus statue.

Is our "leaning like a cholo" snowman not GOOD ENOUGH for you people???



I know the perpetrator of this hate crime has been stalking the blog WAITING for me to make reference to it. So there you go. Hope it brings a smile to your face!

I was dying laughing when I got it. I instantly had it narrowed down to 3 top suspects, and no, you were not on my top three list. you were a surprise competitor. Now you are moved to the top of my list for any future pranks from here on out. Just watch your back man –




Cause I DO have a dog. And I DO know where you live.I am kind of scared about you figuring out where I live, but I  guess its easy enough to figure out. Get a little brain fuel in some sushi and badda-bing – instant smartness. Thanks for the laugh though! I have newfound respect for the levels of your weird humor.

In other news.

A weekend summary from the girls. Its always so fun to empty off the memory card and see what they were doingblog3211 with the camera! The really funny thing is – every once in a while they manage to take a kind of cool picture.

With the antarctic like temperatures around here, we didn’t do much of anything. Ben cleaned out the basement. I am scared to go down and see it. His idea of "trash" and my idea of trash are two completely separate ends of the spectrum. All of my trash has memories attached to it. I hold on to things for ridiculous reasons. I know this about myself, and yet I just can’t bring myself to throw away things that MIGHT have a purpose again. This is, unfortunately, but one of my many pychoses. The thing is, I am aware of it. So when I am ready for step two (actually fixing it), I’ll know what to address. Until then, I rather enjoy my packratty ways. Plus, if there is ever a nuclear war, we are all set with random objects by which to create a new bartering system when the world is restored.

Ok so I missed my satellite dude’s appointment today. whoops. They are going to try to send him back out this way. Fingers crossed. Its not like we watch TV in the basement a whole lot, but its the principle of the fact that i am PAYING to watch it down there. And I can’t. So i want to. Hence the need for Hector to find his way back to the ‘brook.

The Lent/Coke thing. This is effing hard. (I am quite sure that was Christ’s thought on his way up the Via DellaRosa also.) I realize that there are just certain events that trigger a need to have a coke. And overcoming the urge at those times is really requiring all of my willpower. not even a week yet and it feels like a month. forty days is looking like an eternity at this point. and I need to know. Does lent go until good friday at sundown? or is it easter morning? cause either way – i am having a coke the SECOND it is allowed.

Kaylen was up THREE TIMES last nite. I do not know how much longer I can keep up with her. i am a zombie in the mornings.And the amount of coffee i would need to consume to combat this zombiness is ridiculous. So i just need to pray harder that shefigures out her sleep pattern soon. Either that or I am going to pay our chiropractor to move in with us. I am sure his wife won’t mind. then he can just adjust kaylen periodically throughout the day and she will, in theory, sleep like a baby at nite. I have no idea WHAT she is sleeping like right now, but it certainly isn’t a baby. What a gay saying anyways. NONE of my babies have ever slept like "babies". Perhaps all the caffeine I consumed during their gestations was having an adverse effect afterall. Thoughts to ponder.

Well i am procrastinating on work. As usual.  So back to the grind I go.

If any of you get brave enough to ACTUALLY LEAVE A COMMENT – tell me, why do you read this blog? Just curious.

Dip trip flip fantasia.


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  1. Chiropractor for your baby???? Just curious. I like your sad sign picture. Wouldn’t it be funny if you had the wrong target and put a lot of poop in the wrong yard?

  2. I read your website because when I’m with you, you don’t seem as outgoing (read: crazy!) as you are on this blog. I feel like I get to know the real “Terra”–even though sometimes it scares me a little! :)Faith

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