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Heather Ann Melzer: Photo crazed

 This is my friend Heather’s blog – she inspires me to want to a.) get this kid out already! and b.) take better pictures! She was the editor of a Scrapbooks Etc Photography book, and I get so many good tips from that – but seeing her actual pics in action is just that much more inspirational! So come on Kaylen- you better get here quick so I can stop trying to tuck your sisters into cabinets and bookshelves!!!!

Today I have to work at the Joliet Preg. Resource Center, getting ready to move into our new location. Everyone freaks out when I tell them that – but honestly – I am just going to be tucked into a chair packing files from a cabinet into a box – I am not doing heavy moving. I learned my lesson last week after all that garage sale work. Felt like a POS for about three straight days after all that packing and moving and lugging of heavy boxes, plus the fall down the stairs at o dark thirty in the morning…

anyways – trying to take it easier this week – and finding that that means a LOT of the housework isn’t getting done! I do not remember feeling this completely in pain and incompetent near the end of karissa’s pregnancy. We had JUST moved into this house, so I know i had a TON of unpacking and moving in to do, and somehow I got it all done! I just have no idea how Kaylen is laying in there but it has to be directly on a nerve. On a pain scale of 1-10, with say an 11 being the pain of labor…I walk around at about a 6 or 7 every day just from walking. I am not sure if this is going to make labor worse or better for all the pain I am already in. And today I woke up feeling like i needed a midol – just HORRIBLE PMS lately! Grouchy, crampy, achy, and wanting to eat enough carbs to fuel a small army. If only I felt like that actually MEANT something in the greater scheme of giving birth soon! But i know it could go on like this for another two weeks easily! I am hoping we don’t go much past next week – having ben home all week will be nice. well not home, but working in the chicago area versus all the traveling he has had to be gone the last three weeks. Just being a single parent for even three days wears me out – i do not know how some people do it!

I finally got my bag of stuff at least laid out (not actually packed yet) – and of course the most important thing to not forget is my laptop – so obviously i can’t pack that till the last minute! And then i am thinking just bring all three cameras, the DSLR, the P&S, and the video… can’t have TOO many memories saved!!!

speaking of saved memories – i have to upload a few new pics of Kealey losing her second tooth, and karissa with her latest shiner. Second verse same as the first. I swear my children are the epitome of “accidents waiting to happen”!!

Ok i can’t sit here for any longer – too painful to be in one position for too long! Plus, hey, why not have another bagel while I’m at it??

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