A new post

Is coming. I promise. Maybe even two or five posts, I don’t know.
It has been a crazy day and I am typing this on my iPhone which is probably only slightly more frustrating than herding kittens. I say probably because I have not ever tried to herd kittens, only cloud-gathering children. Probably about the same.
Anyways. It’s frustrating.
So I will post real posts when I get home. And fill your Tuesday mornings with my drivel. I know you’re waiting with bated breath.

Later, Mater.

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  1. LOS??? Please, fill me in.
    Terra, your use of such expressions as “herding kittens” is quintessentially…hmm…hilarious! I’m impressed that you typed that on your iphone & no weird auto-corrections sneaked in.
    I love you!

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