A long night.

It’s actually been just a long week, really.

I figured i should get this all out before life gets too awful crazy and I leave everyone hanging.

In a nutshell – Kendall is sick. She’s either really really sick (if it’s a line infection stemming from her port and all the crazy needle crap she’s been dealing with all week) – or she has this wicked flu virus that has hit everyone else in our house so hard, and is just SICK sick. (it’s a fine line! 😉 )

So after her spiking a fever last nite, we knew we had to come up to milwaukee today (because any fever in a kid with a line means you need to have blood cultures drawn to make sure it doesn’t go systemic). Even though the simplest explanation would be that she has the same flu we’ve all been fighting, it’s not a chance we can take. They were actually going to let us go from the ER this afternoon when our GI decided it would be better to have at least one nite of observation in case anything popped up on all the bloodwork the ER was running.

And here we sit up on the floor, about to start some IV antibiotics “just in case”, and waiting to see if her viral panel grows anything in the flu category so we can get some tamiflu started to try to help her body fight it.

Just like we sat on the floor of a little hospital two years ago on this nite…the nite that started this whole crazy journey. I have learned so much since then, seen so much, experienced so much – of all of the good and the bad that life can sometimes throw at you.

i wish i wasn’t so completely brain dead right now so i could type more. But its been a very very crazy week, and that is really putting it mildly.

Please keep Kendall in your prayers – and I know that so many of you already do so faithfully!

Her little body is working really hard tonite to fight this nasty fever (she is almost ten degrees hotter right now than she was on monday!). This in turn is causing her heartrate to skyrocket, which leads to more pain/less sleep. She has not been able to sleep well in a few nites because of the severe tummy pain she is in right now that we also can’t pinpoint the cause of exactly. She is very tired, and very sick. And very upset at mommy that i can’t just turn “hot-gog” on. (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, her newest obsession. It unfortunately doesn’t play here 24/7 like it does at home!) Still got that Kendall spunk in her, in spite of being so absolutely wiped out. Right now they are still trying to push all her meds enterally (through her tubes into her intestines). This causes a LOT of pain for her right afterwards, and so much nausea that she gags and retches for about 15-20 minutes after each dose. Hopefully her gut absorbs some of these meds so that they can help control the fever, which will help her sleep better, which will help her body fight whatever it is fighting better. She’s in a tight spot right now – even though I am confident she’ll pull out of it soon, its tough seeing a little fighter go down this hard.

But we thank you all so much for your prayers and thoughts and help and concern and just everything. I do apologize for the incoherency of this post. I am beyond exhausted and trying to fight this crappy bug myself which is sucking every last brain cell i thought I had left.

Hopefully we have good news in the morning!



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  1. Oh wow! I’m sorry Terra! I hope that you guys are outta there soon!! And that she’s on her way to being better quickly!!

  2. Praying for that sweet girl and all of you. We narrowly missed another hospitalization this week too. I know it seems like the merry go round just keeps going and you can’t get off..but hang in there. You are doing great and she feels your love and strength. Hugs and Prayers coming your way!

  3. I am so sorry she is so sick 🙁 She is a strong little fighter. She has a wonderful family who loves her. I am sending good vibes your way. xoxo

  4. I am so sorry to hear about Kendall. I had that feeling something was not okay when I was at your door yesterday and there was no answer…. I am praying for Kendall and praying for strength for you.

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