37 Weeks

And feeling every minute of it!

Oh the pain! Just walking hurts. So much pressure. And then when the contractions start getting real insistent – yeah, its hard to walk while your whole mid-section is in one long cramp. Ok i should stop complaining. Today is actually a pretty good day feelingwise, woke up with some gay contractions, but was able to get some “oh yeah the baby’s coming I should get some things for her” shopping done! If only I had a good way of doing screenshots…

Ok this might work!! So those are some bodysuits I got, and these gowns – which are LIFESAVERS the first few weeks when you get those nasty blowouts every hour or so…So easy to just flip up, change, and back to bed with them!

It was fun to actually start getting some new girly stuff for baby Kaylen. Hmmmm what else did we get – a pack of diapers and wipes (can you believe I had NONE in this house??? i mean my GOSH what would I have done if she was born early? Steal double my allotment from the hospital??? which i will still prolly do cause I roll like that but….wow. Procrastination is definitely my middle name!) We took a gamble on some paci’s. My kids are SO hit or miss with whether they’ll even take one or not, and then the kind/brand/shape???Fuggedaboudit. So – i got some that look cute. Cause what else is there in life with a newborn than just to look cute?

Then it was on to Walmart – since i just couldn’t bring myself to drop $200 on the ladybug bedding i have been debating for the last two months….so I got these blankets cause they only had the full set in blue. But these match the full set, which I will be getting as soon as I find it in stock somewhere! and here is what the whole set looks like  It looks almost black in this pic, but in real life, its actually more brown. The blankets are more muted than they appear in this pic too. The pink isn’t QUITE that obnoxious. I think we will paint the room a khaki color, with big pink circles on one wall. It feels better to just have that SET! I feel like so much about this poor baby is just an afterthought – just cause – my two girls take up EVERY waking second of my day – espcially being a single parent all week due to Ben’s new job! But she isn’t an afterthought. I cannot WAIT to meet this little girl who loves to kick and flip and swim!

So – we have a midwife appointment this afternoon where I think I might ask to be checked to see if I am making progress. They offered to last time but i just wasn’t in a hooha feel up mood. Not that I am today – but today I kind of want to know. Next week is the only week Ben is home – so i am KIND OF hoping kaylen can get with the overall Atkinson family program and come on OUR schedule!!! I have a good couple hours of contractions just about every day, obviously they are prodromal or else I would have been in the hospital a few weeks ago! So they do nothing more than wear me out and make me sore, but every once in a while i’ll have a couple hours of some doozies. I would be surprised if they aren’t doing ANYTHING, but I also won’t be in mass depression if there is no change. so i dunno. I guess we will just see how the appt goes!

It could not be any hotter outside. Which is contributing to the overall feelings of misery I am having today. Its about 95, but the mugginess is making it feel seriously well into the 100’s. It looks like a good storm is brewin up now though so hopefully that will cool things off.

We also got Karissa her new big girl car seat, which Kealey is EXTREMELY jealous over, cause its “cuter” than hers. (Apparently I hit the whole cute thing a little too hard with her in her younger years…) Here’s Karissa’s – its called the Tara Fashion – i mean, really, could there be a perfecter name???? If only they had spelled it right!

ok tha’ts not the EXACT one – but you get the point. It has cutesy colors. Flowers and whatnot. here is kealey’s -Â Ok sorry – that came out big. So – hence the issues. Kealey’s is plain. and old. and brown.

 sometimes girls are more trouble than they’re worth!!! the DRAMA of it all! But really – I was very proud of Kealey today. she had her five year old/ School wellness checkup. She had to get two shots and her finger pricked for cholesterol and iron – which are at fine levels. I didn’t realize we needed to worry about a five year olds cholesterol level? but apparently we do. And hers was fine. She didn’t cry and in fact I even had her laughing through one of the shots. Which is a HUGE change from the meltdown scene I anticipated the event to be as it normally is with her!

So – we are getting ready to go to the midwife appointment, then we’ll go to sisters house for an hour or two and maybe some good Jimmy John’s sandwiches…then home for bedtime! i am worn out! I have a lot of work I need to catch up on for the PRC (Pregnancy Resource Center) where I work part time, but I guess I will just have to make it up tomorrow – or maybe I’ll get a second wind of energy tonite!

If you made it through this post – congrats!

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